Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sarkar_raj-_01 copy copy.jpgSarkar Raj’s first look was unveiled at the film’s event and the promos are going to be aired really soon. Sarkar Raj is the sequel of RGV’s super hit Sarkar.

As Abhishek says, “The movie shows how Sarkar Subhash Nagre takes a backseat and his son Shankar Nagre takes matters in his hands.�

Lets see how the brand Bachchan raj on the box office when Sarkar Raj is unleashed.

aaaaaaaaaaa.jpgAt least this was the scene at the sets of Sarkar Raj. Every morning Bachchan’s ghar ki lakshmi made sure that the lunch box was packed with the delicacies of south India. And being a vegetarian, she made the Bachchan’s eat veggie food during lunch, which ofcourse was welcomed whole heartedly by the whole family minus the sasu maa but only because she wasn’t present at the sets of Sarkar Raj to share the lunch.

�Lunch hour was the only hour that we three as a family could get time to spend together as after that we would soon be the respective characters we were playing,� is what is reported by a unit member.

Guess this is one of the rarest of the bollywood’s family that eats together and lives together

ash-with-family.jpgIt was almost seen as tit for tat by the many not-invited ‘friends’ of Abhi Ash wedding, when only Ash and Abhishek were invited at the Cannes. But this could not bar the Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from showing her love for her parents-in-law. The senior Bachchans probably took it as a technical error, and were present at the Cannes to support their daughter-in-law anyway.Now, this is one family that likes to stick together be it at home or at Cannes (even without an invitation).
42483-aish.jpgWell, the sources say yes. The perfect looking couple, who seem to have no fights, has finally started to live a normal married life. And with a normal married life, come the enhancement called fights. But then, this couple seems to not know how to deal with it. Recently, at IIFA, the male Bachchan seemed to have lost his temper on Ash and the couple was found screaming so much that the voices could well be heard outside their room.Apparently, the reason was the typical eager-to-catch-attention nature of the actress. While Jr. Bachchan tried to keep her low in an award function, the lady was busy being over expressive with Kunal Kapoor at an award function. This allegedly made Bachchan to excuse himself and Ash, to take her to a corner and talk about the issue. Ash seemed to be unconvinced and thus the duo, later had a huge fight!!
Now, this is like what it is to be really MARRIED!!!

Abhishek Bachchan was recently left blushing during the Unforgettable tour press confrence when a journo quizzed wifey Aishwariya Rai whether Abhishek has promised her a baby.

Aishwariya was surprised by the question and Amitabh Bachchan saved her the embarrassment by quoting, �Every husband promises his wife a baby.�

But the Little Bachchan put the icing on the cake when he immediately turned towards his wife and held her hand and said, �I promise�.

The press conference hall burst into laughter at the turn of events.

Well this is called “Saanp bhi marjaye aur laathi bhi na toote”.

Bollywood’s big family- The Bachchan’s doesn’t miss out even the tiniest of festivals and Raksha Bandhan is as big and pompous for as Diwali, no wonder sister Shweta Nanda is flying all the way to New York to tie Rakhi to younger brother Abhishek Bachchan.

Bachchan’s who are preparing for their show in New York are eagerly waiting for the daughter of their family, �My daughter comes in to be with us and to see the show, but more importantly to be with her brother on Raksha Bandhan,� says Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh praises the wonderful festival, adding, �Such wonderful traditions we possess and what an endearing tradition Rakhi is. It has not necessarily remained genetic. Whenever there has been a strong bond and expression between opposite genders, a bond of wanting to treat the other as your own blood, it has been strengthened by the symbolic tying of the �rakhi� on brother�s wrist. It has generated immense value and compassion. It is wonderful to be able to nurture such emotion and to relate to it for the rest of our lives. The emergences of �rakhi brothers and sisters� have been so unique in our society. And many a times it has worked stronger than the one that has been ordained by birth. Unfortunate, but true.�

Good to see a parivaar who still gives importance to the age-old traditions

Real life couple, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, is going to play the main lead in the upcoming flick Ramayan. Apparently the producers have roped in comedy ka baadshah Govinda to play the role of superhero Hanuman.

Tamil actor Vikram is slated to play the role of the villain Lord Ravan.

This will be the second time Mani Ratnam will be working with the couple, he worked with them in his successful flick Guru.

The modern Ramayana’s main focus will be on showing the love chemistry between Ram and Sita.

What do you think people? Abhi-Ash will do a complete justice to Ram and Sita’s love?


Just recently there was stories of Abhimaan being remade by Rajeev Menon with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead. But the latest update on the issue is that there is no remake of Abhimaan going to be made.

Pawan Kumar the original producer of Abhimaan said,

“I was surprised with the news that was carried in the tabloid. I was never approached by Rajeev Menon for any such remake of my film. Atleast the reporter who had carried this news should have tried to confirm it with me.

I have no plans to sell the rights of my film. I am in fact planning to make the film myself. I have started my work on creating a set up for the same. I am sure the remake will work even in today’s times because the subject of the film is relevant even today.

I have not approached any big star right now because the script of this remake is being worked upon.”



Abhishek Bachchan and gorgeous wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are in high-demand these days. Producers flock in herds with scripts in hand to cast Bollywood�s most popular couple in their movie.

Sources say that a very reputed production house has come up with the idea of making a period flick on Shah Jahan and Mumtaz and they are hell bent on casting Abhishek and Aishwarya only for the role.

Aishwarya Rai was the obvious choice for Mumtaz because the source at the production house claims that she is �flawless beauty� just like Mumtaz who could inspire her lover to build the magnificent Taj Mahal in her memory. And since Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai make a very popular and adored couple off-screen they thought they would cash in on their chemistry.

I wonder if that would be a good idea� Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai haven�t been very impressive lovers on screen.


Abhishek Bachchan is all nervous about how people will react to his forthcoming flick Drona which is going to premiere in Mumbai on Oct 1st.Wifey dearest Aishwarya is busy wrapping up her Robot film shoot in Peru so that she can rush back home and be by Abhishek’s side.

Ash secretary confirmed the news saying, “Aishwarya was in Peru till last week for a song shoot of Shankar’s Enthiran (formerly called Robot) starring South Superstar Rajinikanth. Now presently she is shooting for the film in the rain forests of Brazil. She wants to be with Abhishek’s side on his big day on October 1st. She is as excited as him to check him out in his first super hero avatar.”

Abhi failed to reach Mumbai on time for Aishwarya’s Jodhaa Akbar premiere, he reached just when the movie ended. So Aishwarya to avoid that is going to reach Mumbai the night before premiere.

Now thats sweet!

1.jpgDrona has hit the theatres and whether or� not the film is drawing good crowds, only time will tell. Meanwhile we’ve got for you the the exclusive pictures of Drona’s star-studded premiere.

Check them out.

Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image


Aishwarya Rai who was recently at the inauguration of a Longines store in New Delhi, was more than forthcoming talking about her hubby dearest Abhishek Bachchan. She was her usual chirpy self and could stop gushing about Abhi.Drona might not have got rave reviews but Ash is all praises for Abhi.

�I think he�s a wonderful actor. I�ve always admired his approach to his work. You have to admire all the actors (in Drona), I did. Abhishek played Drona realistically. I viewed the film through a child�s eyes. It has to be perceived as a fantasy adventure,� she said.

Ash maintains that Abhi is a mature actor who understands cinema well enough to make good career decisions.

He understands cinema so well that he is not afraid of taking risks. He stands by his family, friends all the time and because of this I identify a lot with him,” she gushed.

“I know him for a very long time now. Together we have grown from actors to colleagues to friends and now we share a very special bond. It is definitely a nice feeling,” she added.

Okay Ash… We know you are madly in love with him… but stop being so ‘politically correct’ always…


Aishwarya Rai celebrated her most romantic birthday in the wilderness of Kochi, Kerala, with her husband Abhishek Bachchan. This was all she could wish for on her birthday.

She said, “In a way I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s a beautiful green paradise here. We started shooting just a day ago. And we already feel those vibes of an extraordinary happening. And my husband is with me.

So is my most favorite director (Mani Ratnam) who directed us in in one of our best films together (Guru) and who incidentally also happens to be my first director. And we’re working on the most beautiful film that we could ever hope for. What better birthday could I as for?”

Ask her what she has asked for as a birthday gift and she says,

“Ha, ” laughs lovely diva, “You know me. I don’t ask for anything. I already have everything that I could possibly want without asking for. And like I said I’m with the love of my life in the wilderness.

Sadly no one will be able to get through to me where I’m shooting. But all the sms, prayers and love will be with me when I return to civilization in the evening tomorrow. Yeah I miss my family on my birthday. But then I can’t have it all, can I?”

Aishwarya indicated that Mani Ratnam had given her a day off yesterday so that she could go out with Abhishek and enjoy celebrating her birthday.


Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai had been totally cut off over the last few days thanks to Mani Ratnam’s shooting venue in the jungles of Kerala that rendered the couple totally inaccessible to the world.

Jaya Bachchan fell ill last week and this left the leading couple of Mani Ratnam’s film with no choice but to take a day off from shooting. When Abhishek left with Rakeysh Mehra to Dubai he was absolutely out of contact with dear wife Aishwarya and not only family every one in the industry could not access the couple who seem separated from the rest of the world.

Says Abhishek, “This wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t for the fact that we wrapped up shooting at one location and we were moving to another location. So that gave me manoeuvring power.

It’s not so much the distance but the inaccessibility. Out there in the jungles me and Aishwarya were totally cut off from Mumbai and the rest of the world. That really had us worried about the family.”

Directors Sanjay Bansali and Vipul Shah got extremely frustrated because they wanted to lock Aishwarya’s dates before she commits to someone else.

“I’ve been trying to contact Aishwarya for weeks. She’s totally unreachable. I’m willing to fly down wherever she is. Now if she’s moving to Ooty she’d be more accessible,” says a desperate Vipul Shah.